Tuesday, February 1, 1994

Glossary of Initials and Other Professional Degrees, Organiazations & Other Jargon

(© 1994, Rev. 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003) By Vicki Polin ,MA, ATR, LCPC

A.A.T.A American Art Therapy Association
A.B.A. American Bar Association
A.B.E.C.S.W. American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work.
A.C.E.P. Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
A.C.S.W. Academy of Certified Social Worker
ADTA American Dance Therapy Association
A.D.T.R. Academy of Dance Therapist Registered
A.M.A. American Medical Association
A.M.H.C.A. American Mental Health Counselors Associaton
A.P.A. American Psychological Association
A.P.A. American Psychiatric Association
A.S.A. Assistant States Attorney (can be in either Juvenile and/or Criminal Court)
A.T.R. Art Therapist Registered
A.T.R.-B.C. Art Therapist Registered - Board Certified.
AYA American Yoga Association
B.A. Bachelor of Arts Degree
B.C.D. Board Certified Diplomat (given by ABECSW to social workers)
B.S. Bachelor of Science
B.S.N. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
B.S.W. Bachelors Degree in Social Work
C.A.C. Certified Addictions Counselor
C.A.D.C. Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
CCGC Certified Compulsive Gambling Counselor
C.E.T. Certified Expressive Therapist
C.R.C. Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
C.E.U. Continuing Education Units
C.M.T. Certified Massage Therapist.
DASA Department of Alcohol and Substance Abused (Illinois)
D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
D.C.F.S. Dept. of Children and Family Services (Illinois)
D.C.P. Department of Child Protection
D.C.S.W. Diplomate in Clinical Social Work. (Given to Social Workers by the NASW..)
D.D. Dually DSMIV Diagnosis and/or Developmentally Delayed and/or Chemically Dependent
D. Ed. Doctorate in Education
Det. Detective
Dipl. Ac. Diplomat of Acupuncture
Dipl. Hom. Diplomat of Homeopathic Medicine
D.N. Doctor of Napraprathy  or
Doctor of Naturopathy
D.O. Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
D.P.M. Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Dr. Doctor (can refer to an DSW, M.D., PhD, PsyD . . . ).
D.S.M.–IV Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
D.S.W. Doctorate in Social Work
DTR Dance Therapist Registered
Dx Diagnosis
FICPP Fellow International College of Prescribing Psychologists
G.A.L. Guardian Ad Litem. In Illinois, all children who are wards of the state are appointed a G.A.L. by Public Guardian's office. In some counties is the child's attorney in both juvenile and criminal court.
H.L.M. Honorable Life Member (given to art therapist's by AATA).
Hx History
IAAP Illinois Association of Addiction Professionals
I.A.T.A. Illinois Art Therapy Association.
IAODAPCA Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association
I.C.A.S.A. Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault
I.C.A.D.V. Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
ISSD The International Society for the Study of Dissociative Disorders
I.T.P. Individual Treatment Plan
JCASA Jewish Coalition Against Childhood Sexual Abuse
J.D Juris Doctor (degree given to an Attorney).
L.A.N. Local Area Network (Community Mental Health Centers boundaries for funding).
L.C.P.C. Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (in Illinois, Master Degreed Mental Health Provider.). Can accept most insurance for payment.
L.C.S.W. Licensed Clinical Social Worker. (in Illinois, Master Degreed Mental Health Provider.). Can accept most insurance for payment.
L.C.S.W Licensed Certified Social Worker (in Maryland, Master Degreed Mental Health Provide). Can accept most insurance for payment.
L.C.S.W-C Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical (in Maryland, Master Degreed Mental Health Provide). Can accept most insurance for payment.
L.D. Licensed Dietitian.
L.L.M. License of Law (requies a Masters Degree in Law).
L.M.H.C. Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Requires Masters Degreed)
L.M.F.T. Licensed Marriage, Family & Child Counselor.
L.P.C. Licensed Professional Counselor (in Illinois, Bachelor Degree Provider).
L.P.N. Licensed Practical Nurse
L.P.H.A. Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts
L.S.W. Licensed Social Worker
M.A. Masters of Arts (can be in any field)
M.A.A.T Masters of Arts in Art Therapy (From some programs).
M.C.A.S.A. Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault
M.Ed Masters of Education.
M.F.C.C. Marriage, Family and Child Counselor.
M.D. Medical Doctor
MDiv. Masters of Divinity.
MHC Mental Health Center
MI Mental Illness/Mentally Ill.
MISA Mentally Ill/Substance Abuse.
MPH Masters of Public Health.
MS Masters of Science (can be in any field).
MSN Masters of Science in Nursing.
MSW Masters degree in Social Work.
M.S.S.W. Master's of Science in Social Work.
NAADAC National Association of Addiction Professionals
NADT National Association For Drama Therapy
N.A.S.W National Association of Social Workers.
NBCC National Board of Certified Counselors
OTR Occupational Therapist Registered.
PA Public Aid.
PAS Pre-Admission Screening for nursing home and/or residential treatment. Needed for individuals on Medicaid (State of Illinois)
PD Police Department.
PDR Physicians' Desk Reference (book describing medication).
PhD Doctor of Philosophy (can be in any field, i.e. psychology, social work, chemistry...)
PsyD Doctorate of Psychology.
RA Ritual Abuse
RD Registered Dietitian
R.D.T. Registered Drama Therapist (by the National Association For Drama Therapy).
RN Registered Nurse.
Rx Prescription/Prescribed
QMHP Qualified Mental Health Professional (Master Degreed Level Professional).
QMRP Qualified Mental Retardation Professional (Master Degreed Professional).
SASS Screening, Assessment & Support Services. (Needed for individuals on Medicaid in the state of Illinois prior to being admitted to a psychiatric unit or facility.
SSA Social Security Administration
SSDI Social Security Disability Income
SSI Social Security Income
Tx Treatment Prescribed Treatment