Thursday, March 31, 2016

In Memory of Alan D. Uretz

We all have important people in our lives with whom we lost contact with over the years.  Alan Uretz was one of those people for me.

It saddens me greatly that I learned that this man who spent his life trying to heal others has passed away.

I first met Alan while we both were in our Late twenties / early thirties.  He worked his magic on me utilizing his knowledge of eastern medicine, to help me heal.  

Alan was one of the most brilliant man I ever met, yet he struggled with his own childhood demons, and had a difficult time finding a way to heal from the nightmares he experienced.

Like the rest of us, Alan wasn’t perfect — yet he did his best to be there for others who were in pain.

I wish I would have known he had cancer, so I could have been there for him like he was for me.

Rest In Peace dear friend.  May your memory be for a blessing.