Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Thought About Father’s Day

Forgiveness is not mandatory for survivors of child abuse within a home to heal. 

I don't like the term "forgive or forgiveness" when it comes to these sorts of crimes (physical, emotional and sexual abuse). 

I personally have acceptance for who my father is, what he did, and who he became over the last forty years that I have been apart from my family. 

I also find it important to acknowledge my thoughts and feelings on Father's Day, especially  when friends post photos of their loving dads.

It's important to let others who were abused in their homes to know they are not alone, and their thoughts and feelings are valid.

It's also important to remind others, that not everyone comes from loving homes, and that holidays, like Father's Day and Mother's Day could be painful to their friends, other family members and co-workers.