Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Marc Gafni, Saul Berman, The Petition And The New York Times

Saul Berman and Marc Gafni
I have to admit I am so happy that Marc Gafni's past criminal behavior is being made public again in hopes of preventing anyone else from being harmed by him. I am also grateful that so many people who once supported this confessed sex offender realized their mistakes.

Ever since I heard about the New York Times article being writing I have been trying to put my feelings regarding the vicious, rageful, hate campaign they created against not only The Awareness Center, yet my personhood aside, yet I have been having a difficult time doing that.

I keep being told for some time that many of the folks who created and engaged in the rage campaign against those of us who were trying to help the survivors and signed the petition have done teshuva (repentance).

What I don't understand is that if they have "done teshuva," why hasn't any of them contacted me or anyone else connected to The Awareness Center to apologies for the damages they caused to so many. The hate campaign was started by rabbi Saul Berman, who recently signed the petition against Marc Gafni.

The hate against me started over 10 years ago -- and continues to this day.

I wrote the following article back in 2013:
     "Cyber-Bullying: The Rabbi Saul Berman way"

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